Australia’s only Hybrid specialists.. Affordable, economical and a budget to suit everyone, try us first !!

Hybrid Rides is the fastest growing and most affordable rental car business to hit the market.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have the right cars for the right job and we know how to make car rental easy and suitable for our customers’ needs.

We have a range of vehicles but specialise in the Toyota Hybrid, Honda Hybrid vehicles which suits perfectly for Uber drivers trying to maximise return as well as achieve a 5 star rating.

Hybrid Rides philosophy is:

We work with you to find the car models and packages that suit your business needs.
All cars are of the highest standards and models and totally suit Uber and Taxify. We have the experience and know how .


At Hybrid Rides, we guarantee to get you the best possible car for your needs.

Our ‘Best Price’ Promise
If you want to save money, save time and save yourself the hassle of shopping around for your next car, then talk to us.

Our service is free to you, this means you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Without blowing our own horns too loudly, cars is what we do best! And we’re proud to say we save all of our customers money, usually thousands of dollars over the year.  We can do the same for you, whether you want to rent a car buy a car we can help !

Using our service is easy. Very easy!

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