“I’ve been working full time as a courier driver and wanted to try Uber so I spoke to a few of the Uber type rental companies. The real thing I noticed when I spoke to Drive2Uber was how helpful the staff were and how they explained exactly everything I am up for, there was no hidden costs that could cost me a lot more with some of the other companies. I’m now full time with Uber, couldn’t be happier and love the Camry Hybrid John and the team provided.”

– Bradford


“I have been a taxi driver for over 25 years and everyone kept telling me to drive Uber. I’ve heard such different things about Uber vs Taxi so wasn’t sure what to expect and how to do it. When I spoke to Drive2Uber they explained how easy and cost effective it was and even gave me a one month trial with no further obligations if I didn’t like it. They were great and now I drive Uber full time, enjoy the people and the flexibility I now have. My quality of life is much better, I highly recommend it.”

– Ari


“I have a part time job and needed some extra cash. I can’t afford a nice car to suit Uber so with Drive2Uber I can do my job and do Uber 3 days a week. I make an extra $500-$600 a week this way which has really helped. This has changed my life and I’m now saving up for a new car. Drive2Uber are great.”

– Jason